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The sad secret of the Mountains

The North Georgia Mountains are a wonderful place where most of the people are kind and the beauty of nature is all around.Unfortunately there is a situation here which is not so wonderful. A couple of weeks ago Beka and Junell (whom many of you know) were at one of our clients homes that rents on VRBO.This particular side of the mountain is mostly all vacation rentals with a few full time residents and in an area where bear and coyotes are quite common.The girls were cleaning the cabin and outside they find 2 puppies. The people who rented the cabin had been kind enough to put out some food for these starving and malnourished pups.So, the girls call me because they do not know what to do and I know that with the cold weather coming in, the age of the pups and the fact that the wildlife is prevalent in the area the odds are that these dogs will not make it.I told them to bring me the pups and I get on the phone making calls to everyone I can think of who may want another dog. You have to understand that if you live here full time the odds are real good that you have taken in a dog or cat or two.We have so many stray animals here it makes your heart sink.The reason here is twofold, one is because many of the local residents do not spay or neuter their animals and as I am sure you have witnessed most domestic animals here are not on leashes.The other problem is that people will come up from the city and drop their animals.It makes me so angry that I wish someone would drop them in the forest and see if they can survive.

In April of this year we lost our 2 best friends 2 weeks apart due to age and health reasons. While I was still not quite ready to take in pets, I knew that it would just be a matter of time before some lonely staving animal would walk into our lives. Sure enough, we now have 2 pups who have stolen our hearts and taken over our house!Thank goodness we had the room and wherewithal to take care of them.

BUT…Many animals here are not so lucky. The shelter is full and there is just no place to put all these abandoned animals.

SO, the next time you want to do something kind consider donating to our local shelter or donating items to one of their 2 thrift stores and if you have room in your house and heart maybe you would even consider adopting.For your information the Mountain Shelter is located at 129 Bowling Gap Circle which is located off Hwy 76 going on the East side of Blairsville. Their web site is In fact, I know of someone who is trying to find a home for a house cat that was left at the home after the owners moved out.

And in case you are wondering the pups are now named Pearl and Ziggy.Their breed is a Heinz 57 and they are great!

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