C&H Construction, Inc. is primarily a custom homebuilder. This includes homes of all sizes from small starter homes up to multi-million dollar custom homes. We primarily build specific homes for specific customers.

We can utilize any product or construction technique including such items as superior wall products, poured wall basements, insulated concrete forms, green building techniques, well and septic applications, home automation, technology applications (in-house vacuums, theaters, intercoms, etc..).C&H Construction also works with investors on some of our projects. We build homes for resale or to be used as rental units. Investor projects qualify for special pricing as we generally develop business relationships with the potential for multiple projects.We also do home additions varying from small sunroom or morning room additions to complex muti-story custom additions. We can accommodate any addition regardless of the size.C&H Construction can even help with your small repair or home improvement projects. We routinely do replacement roofing, windows, siding, grading repairs, decking, fencing, termite damage, storm damage, or similar projects.If you have an older home that is in need of a major renovation, we can help with that as well. Weather your goal is to be historically accurate, or simply to get a dwelling up to code, we can complete these projects for you.Basically, C&H Construction is a full service general contractor capable of taking on any project you may be envisioning. Please call for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your project.

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