Complete Home Services October 2011 Newsletter

Complete Home Services October Newsletter

Well, I never thought I would see the day when we would be sitting in the office talking about social media networking. My opinion has always been… Who has the time? But after doing a little research we decided that Facebook would be a great way for us to share with you the daily adventures of Complete Home Services. And we do have some adventures! From getting lost, stuck, running into critters, having trees fall, getting caught in storms and all the other crazy things that occur as we go about our day. So, “like” us on Facebook and stay tuned to the daily action up here in them thar hills. We would also love to hear your comments about our stories and other stories related to your adventures in North Georgia as well. You can link to our Facebook page here or from our website. Hey, who says, “ You can’t teach old dogs new tricks?” Let us know what you think.

Cindy Cohen