Shingle vs Metal Roofing

Shingle vs Metal Roofing


Installing a good roof is one of the most important things you can do to protect your home but deciding which kind is best can sometimes be confusing. Below we will examine the two most popular roofing options shingle and metal.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular because of their affordability and clean look. They are very affordable, easy-to-install, durable and long-lasting. New advances have led asphalt shingles to be able to have different looks and textures such as slate or wood shakes. Shingles can also be made with fiberglass materials which tend to provide better fire protection then those made with organic or paper matting.

Asphalt shingle Pros:

Price – Asphalt shingles cost less  than metal roofing.

Options – Asphalt shingles are available in a wider variety of color and design options.

 Asphalt shingle cons:

Durability – An asphalt roof won’t last as long as a metal roof. Most shingle roofing will last about 15-30 years at best which is significantly less than the 25- to 100-year lifespan for metal roofs.

Prone to damage – Asphalt shingles aren’t as strong so it is possible that severe weather could cause damage.  Asphalt shingles are also more susceptible to algae growth and bug infestation.

Metal roofing used to be rare to use on residential properties, but it is now growing in popularity because of its strength and durability. Steel and aluminum are the most popular materials for metal roofing, but other options include copper, zinc, titanium, stainless steel and stone-coated steel. Contrary to popular belief a metal roof is not any noisier than asphalt when properly installed. It is not more susceptible to lightning strikes, and it is also highly resistant to rust. Metal roofing is available in all different colors and designs that can mimic traditional shingles. Metal roofs do tend to be more expensive, but they are a lot more durable then shingles. A metal roof that is periodically sealed and painted to protect it from poor weather and moisture can last a lifetime without replacement. In fact it’s not unusual to find them sold with lifetime warranties.

 Metal pros:

 Strength – Metal roofs are able to withstand high wind speeds without damage. They’re highly fire resistant and very low maintenance. They will never rot or mildew and bugs will never be able to eat through them.

 Durability – Metal roofs last longer than shingles. The lifespan of a metal roof is anywhere from 25 to 100 years depending on the quality of the materials used and how well the roof is maintained.

Energy savings – Metal roofs are energy efficient. The metal reflects heat in the summer and prevents some heat loss in the winter.

Resale value – Metal roofing can boost your home’s resale value because of its strength and durability.

 Metal cons:

 Price – Metal roofs cost quite a bit more than asphalt shingles.

 Difficult to repair – Metal roofing comes in large sheets so it can be difficult to replace or repair damaged areas. Because of this you will spend more for repairs than with shingles.

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