Using a two-way mirror to conceal your TV

two way mirror

Are you tired of seeing your TV when it’s not in use? Do you want a TV in places like the bathroom but think you don’t have the space? That’s where two-way mirrors come in! TVs can be concealed behind two-way mirrors and only show through the mirror when the TV is on. The only downside to using a two-way mirror though is that when the TV is off the mirror isn’t quite as reflective as a traditional mirror would be and when the TV is on it is behind the glass so it might not have quite as clear of a picture.

Below you will find the necessary steps to take in order to conceal your TV behind a two-way mirror:

1) Find a place to hide your TV which should be a flat screen model. The best place is a wall that has enough depth to hold your TV.

2) Cut a hole in the wall that is large and deep enough for your TV and place the television inside. Make sure the inside of the hole is completely dark. It is recommended to add venting before sealing the TV inside the wall. This will add ventilation and keep the TV from over heating.

3) Run the wire from your TV off to the side through another hole or cut a hole through the back of the wall and run the wires out there. How you hide the wires depends on how your room is situated and how neat you want it to look.

4) Install an ordinary two-way mirror or a specially made television mirror. (Companies such as have mirrors made specifically for TVs.) Put the mirror inside a frame and mount it over the hole.

5) Make sure you take extra care that the TV can be seen through the reflective part of the mirror. Turn on the TV and make sure the light from it will pass through the mirror. When you turn off the TV the mirror will bounce light off of it again becoming reflective and hiding the TV from the rest of the world.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about mounting TVs and installing two-way mirrors.
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