Exterior doors


Are you considering installing a new exterior door? Did you know that replacing your front door can pay for itself by increasing your home’s value, plus if you choose an energy efficient door you can reduce your energy bills by as much as 10%. If you have an annual utility bill of $2,000 that’s a savings of as much as $200 a year.

So how do you know which door is right for your home? Select a door by comparing the three main materials available for exterior doors which are steel, fiberglass, and wood.


– Steel

Steel offers the strongest barrier against intruders, although its advantage over fiberglass and wood is only slight.
Steel’s typical life span under stress is shorter than both fiberglass and wood. A steel door exposed to salt air or heavy rain may only last about 5-7 years. Despite steel’s reputation for toughness it actually didn’t perform very well in “Consumer Report’s” testing against wood and fiberglass for normal wear and tear.
With heavy use it can dent and the damage can be difficult and expensive to repair. If your door will be heavily exposed to traffic or the elements you may be better off choosing a different material.


– Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors come in a wide variety of styles many of which have the look of real wood. Plus if limited maintenance is your ideal fiberglass may be your best bet. Fiberglass doesn’t expand or contract as the weather changes. In a reasonably protected location a fiberglass door can last 15-20 years. Although fiberglass feels light to the touch it has a very tough coating that’s difficult for an intruder to breach plus its foam core offers a good amount of insulation.

– Wood

Wood is considered the go to choice for high end projects. It’s luxurious look and substantial weight can’t be flawlessly duplicated. If your looking for for a stunning entry way with a handcrafted touch, wood may be the best bet for you. Wood is usually the most expensive choice and requires the most maintenance, although it’s easier to repair scratches on a wood door than dents in steel or fiberglass. Wood doors should be repainted or refinished every 1-2 years to prevent splitting and warping. If you would like a wood door but are concerned about the environmental impact as well as its energy efficiency, you can purchase a solid wood door certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which assures you that the wood was sustainably grown and harvested.


Choosing a energy efficient door depends on several factors besides the material a door is made of. Make sure you look for the Energy Star label when comparing doors.


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