Low E Glass vs. Window Film

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Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Energy 25% to 35% of energy is wasted in buildings due to inefficient windows. Imagine the annual savings you could have by installing energy efficient windows! Below we will explore both low E glass and window film to help you decide which one option is best for your home:

Low E Glass

When deciding on energy efficient windows, make sure you look for two key performance indicators: the U-factor and the solar heat gain co-efficient. The U-factor is what  indicates a window’s overall insulating value; and the solar heat gain co-efficient is what measures how well a window deflects incoming solar heat. An efficient window should be rated at 0.30 or below in both measurements. A rating of 0.30 would mean 70% of the room’s heat is reflected back into the room during the winter and during the summer it reduces non solar heat gain.

The low E glass products that use an argon gas filling in between the glass are the best options. For hotter climates it is suggested that you install window glass with three low emissivity coatings already built in. With LoE3 the triple stack coating goes on the exterior plate of the inside surface of the glass. This protects the window from the elements and prevents it from tarnishing.

Although this glass is pricey experts say the investment will pay for itself over time with the energy savings you will have.

Window Film

When compared to low E windows, the cost of installing tinted film on clear glass is less expensive overall. However heat blocking window film won’t provide the efficiency of the newest LoE3 coatings that are sprayed onto the glass at the factory and then cooled to create a bond.

If you are considering applying a film. Note that when applied to single pane glass it works fine to block infrared and ultraviolet light, but it’s not a good idea with dual pane glass because the film is applied to the inside of the window. Because of this the heat energy that is passed through the dual pane glass is reflected back inside the insulated glass which can cause excessive heat buildup resulting in condensation. Also be aware that applying film to a window may void the glass manufacturing company’s warranty because the film can sometimes cause seal failure in the glass.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about installing low E glass windows or window film.

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