Concrete Floors

concrete floor

Concrete is the new and exciting flooring material choice for both designers and homeowners! Concrete is a very stylish choice for indoor floors in your home and is infinitely versatile. It’s surface can be finished in various ways with colors, stains, and aggregates, plus you can also give it a textured surface or buff it until it’s glossy. Below you will find the pros and cons of having a concrete floor in your home:


1) Durability

To say that concrete is durable is definitely an understatement. Once it is poured you could drive a tank over it! That is why you typically see this type of flooring in places like warehouses, stores and garages. The only thing that will scratch a concrete floor is a jackhammer. Pet claws, furniture, heavy items, etc that would ruin a hardwood floor won’t hurt a concrete floor.

2) Price

The only reason you will have to replace a concrete floor is if you get tired of the look. Since it will most likely never need to be replaced, your savings will come in the form of a long-term investment. This is the upside of the pricing. The downside is that you will have to pay more for installation.

3) Energy And The Environment

Concrete floors are an investment that has the potential to save you money on your energy bills. In the winter months they absorb the heat from the sun and in the summer you will feel a few degrees cooler. Most of the time there’s already a concrete subfloor under the flooring that you currently have. Think about it. All you should need to do is remove the stuff that’s covering it! No new materials will have to be created, so it has a zero carbon footprint plus concrete floors do not contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds. Did you know that most synthetic carpets do in fact contain VOC’s? Carpets are also notorious for dust mites. Concrete floors are virtually incapable of harboring any kind of pest. Plus concrete can be recycled!


1)  Moisture

You need to make sure that both the bottom and the top of the surfaces are sealed. If this doesn’t happen moisture will seep into the concrete. Even a little bit of wetness can harbor mold and mildew. If the temperature happens to dip below freezing with moisture in it, it will expand causing a serious crack in the slab. However, some people actually love the rustic, organic look that can be achieved by leaving minor random cracks exposed. Plus if cracks are perceived as an eyesore, micro-toppings offer the ability to hide them under a smooth, new surface that can accept a wide array of decorative treatments, including staining, stamping, and stenciling.

2) Hardness

Durability also means that a concrete floor is really hard! If you fall on a rug you may suffer a carpet burn, but if you fall on a concrete floor you may end up in the emergency room. Because of the hardness factor it is not recommended if you have elderly people or children living in the house.

3) Other Considerations

Here are some other things you might want to take into account before you make your final decision:

• High traffic areas will need to be resealed about 5-times a year.

• This is not a DIY project and even with a professional expect a major mess while it is being finished.
In short concrete is great! It’s durable, stain proof, waterproof, chic, and it gives your room a sleek and contemporary look. When properly sealed concrete withstands water, and bacteria. It’s resistant to fire, stains, and odors. It won’t scratch, it’s easy to clean, and the design is customizable. Concrete also contributes to good air quality, and it can help reduce energy bills when used properly. Keep in mind though that fragile objects can break if dropped on concrete, and standing on it for long periods of time can be uncomfortable. Hairline cracks can appear over time on concrete floors with heavy traffic and concrete floors will need to be resealed regularly.


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