10 tips to create your dream bathroom

Designing your dream bathroom can take careful planning and you have to consider all of your needs. Below you will find some helpful tips in order to make your dream bathroom a reality:



A bathroom is one of the hardest working spaces in your home. If it’s not functional, everybody will suffer. You need to keep all of these functions in mind when choosing the sink, tub, shower, toilet and any other pieces you might want to add. For example if your bathroom serves as a workstation for preparing for the day you might want to consider adding plenty of storage and quick access to outlets.


2.Make it relaxing

Bathrooms are not always about function. They are also meant to be an escape or a spa-like space where you are able to relax and wash off the stress of the day.


3.Map the space out

The plumbing will decide where you place the shower, toilet and tub, but you need to think like an engineer when making the bathroom floor plan. Walk the space with your contractor and play out the tasks required to get ready for the day. Do you want to store objects in a vanity? If so would you mind bending over to get them? Also consider your arms length. Do you want to quickly grab an object or do you mind reaching for it?


4.Plan for luxuries

Consider what other functions you might want to incorporate into your bathroom. Maybe you would like a seat in the shower or a steam room?


5.Choose a look

How do you want to feel when you’re in your bathroom? Is it formal (consider dark colors with white) or casual (consider neutrals)?



It is okay to think outside of the box. You can choose a style that relates to the area that you live in (city or country?), a style of architecture (classic English country or modern?) or a style that you’re just attached to.


7.Choose a surface

When selecting surface products for the bathroom such as tile or marble, make sure that you know the pros and cons of each material. Will the marble or tile stand up to heavy wear?  Do you want a polished floor ? Do you want heat resistant countertops? Etc.

(See our article titled “Shopping for a new countertop”)


8.Add fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are the crowned jewels of any bathroom. They are metallic and can add a dramatic effect to any space, just as jewelry can add a dramatic look to an outfit. There are numerous finishes and styles offered from brass to bronze and all the metals in between. Keep your style and maintenance requirements in mind though as you choose your bathroom fixtures. For example fancy gold fixtures probably won’t go well with a beach inspired bathroom.


9.Pick your lighting

Choosing the lighting is absolutely critical in the bathroom. Be aware that fluorescent lighting casts a bluish color, as opposed to the yellowish color of incandescent bulbs. Strongly consider how you want the lighting to make things look. For example if you combine blue wall paint and blue-hued fluorescent lighting you may end up looking like death becomes her in the mirror.


10.Add fabric

Use a small amount of fabric to reduce the harshness of many bathroom materials. Anything from towels and shower curtains to window treatments and small upholstered pieces, such as a vanity stool, will bring a soft touch to a hard space.




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