Things to avoid when choosing a paint color

paint 1 Some rules are meant to be broken, but then there’s color! Have you ever thought about why we find one place appealing and another one appalling? Why we are attracted to one product versus another? The answer is color! Whether it’s architectural or in a product color accounts for about 60% of our response to an object or a place. Today there is such a vast array of color palettes out there, but sometimes too many options mean even the pros are bound to make an occasional mistake. Here are a few things to avoid when choosing a paint color so you can stay clear of a wrong turn on the color wheel.


•Don’t pick your paint color first

This is one of the very last things you should pick in a room. If you pick the paint color first you can really limit yourself as far as finding things to match. Get the room planned first and then select the paint color. You can take color ideas from fabrics or even a main statement piece.


•Don’t pick a color that’s to bright of a hue or to saturated

In order to follow this you first need to know the terms:

•Hue is a color. Pink is a hue; blue is a hue.

•The value of a hue means how light or dark it is.

•Saturation is how dominant the hue is. For instance if we go from red to pink, the red hue becomes less dominant as white is added.

•Intensity is the brilliance of a color. For instance pure colors such as red, blue, yellow etc. are much more intense than combined colors and a intense color will usually have a more dominant hue.


So now that we have learned all about the terms let’s talk about brightness:

A bright rich green can look absolutely beautiful as a lamp because it has a sheen to it, or even as a pillow because it has depth, but when you put that same really bright color on the wall it looks a whole lot stronger then it does on a lamp or a pillow. Light colors or muddy colors (these have more gray or black mixed in with them) work much better than a really bright hue. However, if you have your heart set on making the walls scream a with bright color make sure you furnish the rest of the room in neutral tones or even white.


•Don’t forget your home is a whole

Even if it’s a small condo or cabin transitioning color from one room to the next can be tricky. It won’t flow well if you’ve got bright yellow in one room and dark red in another.


•Don’t loose sight of how you feel

You might be thinking my favorite color is pink, I’m going to put that in my bathroom! But what you really want is a space that is relaxing and calm. So you see there is a disconnect between picking a color based on what you like and what you want the space to feel like. If you want a room that’s relaxing and calm you might want to look at cool colors like light blue and green; if you want something energetic and exciting look at warm colors like yellow and orange.



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