How to upgrade your kitchen on a budget

Everybody wants a designer kitchen, but unfortunately not everyone can spend $40,000 on a remodeling project. The good news though is that there are some affordable ways to update your kitchen. Did you know that experts say that kitchen upgrades can generally return between 80-105% of their cost when your home is resold? Below you will find some affordable upgrades you can do to your kitchen now without breaking the bank:

New cabinets can take a big chunk out of your budget and hiring a custom cabinet maker is expensive. However, pre-manufactured, modular kitchen cabinets are very affordable and they have drastically improved in recent years.

Some high quality modular cabinets even now come with warranties. If installing new cabinets is not up your alley you can also get a fresh look by painting your current cabinets and/or changing the hinges and pulls on all your cabinets and drawers.

While almost everybody loves the look of granite not everybody loves the price of granite. Engineered stone is an option, but it can still be quite pricey. Ceramic tile, laminate, and solid wood are the best options for a kitchen with a budget.
Ceramic tile- Ceramic tile comes in almost any color or style you can think of and costs about 1/10 as much as stone.
Laminate- Laminate is very easy to install and the costs are about the same as tile.
Solid wood- Solid wood can be cut, sanded and treated as required. It comes in a variety of wood types and provides a warmth to the kitchen that some other materials simply can’t.
Kitchen appliances

This might surprise you, but experts say there isn’t much of a difference in reliability between high end appliances and the less expensive ones. You may not get all the bells and whistles on less expensive appliances, but you will get sturdy, functional appliances. Be sure to also look at the details of the different warranties to get the most for your money.

When it comes to flooring less expensive options can often be a better choice than more costly ones. The reason is that no matter how expensive your flooring daily wear and tear will still happen. Some of the best options are ceramic tile, plastic laminate, and vinyl flooring.
Ceramic tile- Ceramic tile resists wear, moisture, dents and stains and costs far less than wood.
Plastic laminate- Laminate flooring is one of the most affordable options. Like ceramic tile, laminate is cheaper, easier to install and wears better than solid wood.


Vinyl flooring- Vinyl is affordable, stain resistant, easy to install and long wearing. You can even get vinyl that imitates the look of more expensive materials such as wood or even marble.




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