Vinyl log vs natural log siding

Love the look of a cabin in the North Georgia mountains, but not sure if wood siding is the right material for you? Not to worry. Did you know there is also vinyl log siding which mimics the look of real wood! Below we will examine the pros and cons of each to help you determine which material is best for you.


Natural Log Siding

Natural log siding is quite easy to install and is suitable for a variety of surfaces! This is because it can be easily placed over duct work, wiring, plumbing, etc. Natural log siding can even last for 25-75 years with the proper maintenance and since various wood is used it is available in many different grain patterns and textures! It can also be rounded or flat. Natural log siding is also energy efficient. By installing this siding on exterior walls it will act as insulation for your home and can even bring down the heating and cooling costs!

The most common drawback with natural log siding are cracks developing. These cracks are caused due to the frequent temperature changes as well as changes in humidity and moisture. These cracks have to be sealed immediately in order to ensure that the cracks do not get any bigger and provide a home for pests, moisture, and dirt. This siding has to be cleaned frequently and treated to prevent rot and attacks by pests. It will also need to be stained and painted to provide it with appropriate weather protection. The siding can be very vulnerable to mold and mildew if it is not adequately treated.


Vinyl log siding


Vinyl log siding is less inexpensive then natural log. It can be crafted into various styles and painted to any color you choose. Since it is not made of organic materials like that of natural log this siding is not susceptible to pests and rot. Maintenance of vinyl log siding is a lot simpler too and it will not rot when exposed to the elements. It only needs to be cleaned every once in a while to keep away dirt and debris.


Contrary to belief vinyl log siding does not last as long as natural log siding does. The maximum life of vinyl log siding is set at about 25 years, compared to 25-75 years with natural log. Although vinyl siding offers the look of natural log siding it is still not the real thing and close inspection will reveal that it is the cheaper vinyl version.




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