Prevent water damage in your home!

sump pump
Due to all the rain and recent flooding up here in the North Georgia mountains you are probably wondering how you can help prevent water damage from occurring in your home. Below you will find some helpful tips on ways you can help keep your home damage free.


– Make sure you have good drainage.

If you have poor drainage it will weaken your foundation causing cracks, uneven settling, and even pathways for water to enter your home! Make sure your yard is sloped at least 6 inches away from the foundation. This will keep water from settling right next to your home where it could cause walls to lean, crack the masonry, and create leaks.


– Clean your gutters

Did you know that having a clogged gutter can damage your home? A clogged gutter will reroute water down the side of your house causing damage to your siding and foundation. Also make sure your downspouts direct the water 5 to 10 feet away from your house and foundation.


– Check for water leaks

Persistent water leaks can lead to mold, mildew, rot, and even termites and carpenter ants (they like soft soggy wood)!
Check for wet or dark spots under and around pipes, inside sink cabinets, ceilings, toilets, etc and repair any cracked caulking. At a minimum of once a year inspect your roof as well, repairing missing, loose, and damaged shingles.


– Test your sump pump

Sump pumps are a necessity during storms and that is not when you suddenly want to realize yours is not working. Sump pumps should be checked at least once a year, with several checks performed during heavy storm seasons.

How to test your sump pump:

1. Slowly fill the sump pump pit with water. Watch for the float to rise (this should turn on the pump). Then watch to make sure that the water level falls.

2. Test your backup pump in the same way, but make sure you unplug your main pump first. If you don’t have a backup pump, or a generator, and are on municipal water, get a pump that runs on water pressure. If you’re on well water your only option is the battery kind.




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