Siding profiles

Choosing siding for your home can be a difficult task. In the past we have discussed the many different types of siding such as vinyl, wood, etc, but did you know there are also many different siding profiles as well? Below we will discuss some of the different options to help you decide which look is best for your home.








Bevel siding is one of the most common siding shapes and it makes a wonderful choice for appearance and budget. It generally tapers from 3/4 inch at the base to 1/4 inch at the tip.








Shiplap siding is also fairly common. It has a half inch rabbet on opposite sides which allows for the siding to lock together when installed.  Ship lap siding can be made either with a square edge or a V edge.

Channel Rustic-

channel rustic




Channel Rustic siding is very similar to Shiplap siding. The only difference is that Channel Rustic has a 1/2 inch rabbet on one edge and a 1 1/2 inch rabbet on the opposite edge. This allows for the siding to lock together when installed but with a one inch channel.


d log







D-Log siding is one of most popular siding designs for log homes. D-Log siding is rounded on the front and flat on the back giving the appearance of a log cabin.

Old English D-Log-

old english







Old English D-Log siding is a very unique log siding style. This siding has flat sided angles that are rounded on the front and flat on the back.

Dolly Varden-

dolly varden





Dolly Varden siding is very similar to Bevel siding. It generally tapers from a 3/4 inch base to a 1/4 inch tip but has a half inch rabbet on the back for making the installation easier.

German Chink Slot-

german chink






Chinking is a caulk like sealant used to fill the gaps between the logs in log homes. The German Chink Slot log siding does not require chinking, but can be chinked if you choose. This is a great option for people that want a chink slot without the chinking.

Square Chink Slot-









Square Chink Slot log siding is the most traditional log style for your home. This is a good option for people that plan to use chinking in the chink-slot.

Tongue and Groove-

tongue and grove





Tongue and Groove is typically used for interior walls and ceilings. However, it can also be used for exterior use. Tongue and grove can be made in a wide variety of profiles. Ranging from V-Joint to Square Edge.

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