Ceramic tile pros and cons

ceramic tile
Ceramic tiles are a exciting new trend in the world of tile. They are tiles that are made out of natural clay and minerals that are mixed together. They are glazed on one side and then fired under extremely high heat to create a strong and durable material. They come in both a glossy and matte finish and are usually sold in 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick 4×4 squares, but you can also find larger squares if you look for them.


Ceramic Tile Pros:

Ceramic tiles are extremely durable; dent, scratch, and resistant to stains; they have a huge selection of colors; water and stain proof; the ceramic that is glazed doesn’t need sealing; won’t crack or warp in heat or cold temperatures; color won’t fade; it’s easy to clean, and low cost.


Ceramic Tile Cons:

Ceramic tiles are very hard and cold to the touch which can lead to back and leg problems if you’re standing on it for long periods of time; it’s very slippery when it gets wet; while the tile itself is easy to clean the grout is prone to discoloring; scratches will remove the colored glaze; it’s difficult to repair and/or resurface, and can sometimes look a bit plastic.

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