How to keep mold from building up in your home


The two main things that mold needs in order to grow are organic materials and moisture. In homes there are both!  The organic materials that mold lives on are wood, drywall and various other building materials. While you can’t get rid of the material, the moisture on the other hand can be controlled! Most types molds need 24-48 hours of moisture to begin to grow. Therefore if a suitable material in your home is wet for more than 24 hours then you begin to run the risk of mold starting to grow. Below you will find some helpful tips to prevent mold from growing in your home.

Prevent Water Leaks

There are a couple of main things that usually cause moisture problems in your home. One of them is water leaks! These include things such as cracks in your foundation where water can enter your home, leaking roofs, leaking walls, leaking pipes, leaking faucets and a leaking shower. If you become aware of any leaks in your home you should fix them immediately. You might even need to inspect your home and foundation to find any water leaks you didn’t know about.

Prevent Condensation

Condensation is another frequent cause of moisture. Condensation will form on cold surfaces when water vapor in the air cools and becomes liquid. You will often see condensation on metal pipes, concrete walls, water tanks, windows, etc.

One way to reduce the condensation in your home is to keep the temperature warmer in rooms where it builds up. One example of how you can do this is by installing proper insulation.  You can also insulate the surfaces themselves such as putting coverings over metal pipes.


Reduce Humidity
Did you know that many species of mold can start to grow from humidity alone? In fact the humidity only needs to be higher than 55% before some molds can begin to grow. It is especially important to properly ventilate the rooms where steam and moisture build up, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Exhaust fans help to reduce the humidity when doing things like cooking or washing dishes. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can also reduce household humidity.




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