The importance of keeping your roof and gutters free of debris

Fall is arriving soon up here in the North Georgia mountains and while leaves and debris are piling up in your yard they are also piling up in your gutters and on your roof! Your roof is one of those things that people don’t really worry about cleaning that often, but did you know that clogged gutters and debris on your roof can cause major problems for your home if left untreated! Leaves and debris can cause water to overflow onto wood services which will eventually lead to rot and can even cause puddling around the foundation which can lead to damp or leaky basements. Water can also back up into the walls or be rerouted and come in through the roof which can lead to very expensive repair costs. Standing water in your gutters can also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and in the winter time when temperatures drop water can freeze into heavy blocks of ice which can cause your gutters to pull away from your home. The money required to clean your roof and gutters is minimal compared to the money required to repair the damage that debris can cause. So when leaves and other debris start piling up make sure to remove them as soon as possible to keep your home looking beautiful and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

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