Types of bathtubs

Are you shopping for a new bathtub? Did you know that there are several different types of tubs, each one with a different purpose? Below we will talk a little bit about each type so you can decide which one is best for your home:

General purpose tub
While this is not a technical name a “general purpose” tub is the one that most of us probably know quite well. It serves multiple purposes from bathing, to washing the dog, and even maybe as a vessel to hand wash clothes. It typically is a shower/tub combo attached to the walls. There is nothing fancy about this tub, but it definitely gets the job done.

Soaking tub
A soaking tub is usually much deeper than just the standard general purpose bathtub. The depth of this tub allows you to totally immerse yourself into the water. Soaking tubs can come in all different styles and shapes. Vintage free standing tubs for example typically classify as a soaking tub since they usually have taller sides and are able to hold more water than just a general purpose tub.

Whirlpool tub
A whirlpool tub offers a spa like experience by using jets to shoot water and air bubbles into the bathtub in order to give you the feeling of a massage.
Whirlpool tubs are the most complex of all the tubs because they have pumps, filters, hoses and other equipment needed to circulate the water. This also means they usually need to be repaired from time to time when the system fails.

Walk-In tub
A walk-in tub is one that has a door that allows you to just walk into the tub instead of having to lift your leg over the edge. These tub are extremely useful for the elderly and people that have limited mobility. The door to this tub has a seal on it that will allow the tub to hold the water when it’s filled so it can be used for more then just for showering.



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