Controlling erosion



Erosion control is not just for keeping water away from your house. Did you know that when water from rain or sprinkler systems travel down slopes it will erode soil and wash pesticides and fertilizers into waterways? It can also ruin your landscape design by carving out gullies and uprooting your plants, not to mention causing water damage to your home! There are several erosion control strategies that will help keep your yard intact and looking beautiful:


Rain gardens

A rain garden is a garden that rain water is diverted to. Rain gardens help to detain the water while allowing it to soak into the ground where it will water your plants instead of eroding soil.
*Be sure to install plants that can sustain temporary periods of flooding. If you are unsure which plants are suitable give us a call and we will be more then happy to assist you.



Mulching can help to control erosion on moderate slopes. These are slopes that are defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as less than a 33% incline. Applying 2-3 inches of mulch helps to protect the soil, increase the surface area and improve water penetration. Mulching flower beds and around shrubs and trees also provide additional landscape erosion control. You should also place stone, gravel or river rocks in areas that have forceful rainwater to help protect the mulch and anchor the soil.



Plants help to keep the soil firmly in place when water runs across your yard. You can also apply jute netting or coconut fiber mats underneath the plants to help keep the soil from washing away until the plants roots have been established.


Retaining walls

For yards that have a severe slope of a 50% incline or greater plants and mulch by themselves are insufficient for erosion control. It is strongly recommend that a retaining wall is installed to control the water flow. Retaining walls are an extremely effective method for erosion control and also a very attractive solution.


Do you have water damage to your home caused by erosion? If so we can help!


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