Are you looking to get a new fireplace?

Now that the weather is getting a bit chilly you might want to curl up and light a fire in the fireplace. How do you know which type is right for you though? Choosing the right fireplace can be a challenge. Below we will discuss each type of fireplace to help you take the guess work out of choosing one.


A wood-burning fireplace is the oldest and most traditional fireplace option there is. You can’t match the look, smell and sound of a wood burning fire. However, wood-burning fireplaces do require either storing logs or going to the store periodically for a supply. This type of fireplace also has the most upkeep. It requires maintenance of the chimney as well as cleaning ash out of the fireplace.

When wood is burning in the fireplace it spits out burning embers, so screens are also needed to ensure safe use. Finally, wood-burning fireplaces can lose more heat up the chimney than they create. This can be altered though with elements added to the fireplace to reduce air flow up the flue.

If the fireplace has a gas starter, you can easily convert it from wood to gas by adding gas logs as well.


Gas fireplaces burn natural gas instead of wood. Vented gas fireplaces are constructed much like traditional wood-burning fireplaces, with a firebox that is vented through the chimney. These vented fireplaces allow for the largest variety of burning elements, which can range from ceramic logs that have the appearance of real burning logs and embers to more of a modern look with flames that come up through glass beads.

There are two other types of gas fireplaces as well, direct vent fireplaces and ventless fireplaces. Direct vent fireplaces don’t require chimneys and the flame is kept behind glass. Direct vent fireplaces also emit a large amount of heat and don’t lose warm air up the flue.

Ventless fireplaces have no venting, which means they can be placed against internal walls as long as gas can be brought to the location. Plus all the heat from ventless fireplaces remain inside the home.


Electric fireplaces are easy to incorporate into any space. All you have to do is follow the instructions regarding placement and plug one into an outlet. This type of fireplace is all about function. Electric fireplaces come in a range of designs to fit any decor and are also a great way to add ambience in your home without breaking the bank.


Ethanol fireplaces are one of the newest additions to fireplace technology today!

The flame requires no venting, which means that ethanol fireplaces can be used almost anywhere in the house. These fireplaces do require refilling and when used properly they are safe, but ethanol is very flammable so you must be careful refilling this type of fireplace.



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