Thinking about getting a pool?

The Summer is just around the corner and you might be considering getting a pool to keep you cool in the Georgia heat. There are two types of pools to choose from above ground and in ground. So which one is best for you? Below we will discuss some of the major differences to help you decide.

Above ground pools are able to be installed fairly quickly, and in some cases they can even be installed in one day although most will take several days as you have to clear and level the area, erect the pool, and install the liner and fill it with water.

In ground pools however, will typically take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to install once the work has begun.

*It is important to note that there are very few if any companies that offer pool installation unless you buy the pool from them. This means that a pool purchased online may require a DIY installation.

Above ground pools are typically priced anywhere from $800-$3000. Online DIY above ground packages typically range from $4000-$8000. The price generally depends on size of the pool, optional equipment and the quality of components. More expensive above ground pools are deeper and thicker, with more durable materials and have options such as in pool lighting, safety ladders and/or steps, pool cleaners, and a more effective filtration system.

In ground pools are typically priced anywhere from $5000 and up. Like all pools the price depends on the pool type, size, options, and features.

Many homes have sloping yards, some slope up and some slope down. In both these cases retaining walls need to be used to extend the usable area by cutting into an up slope, or building out over a down slope. There is usually always a way to make a pool work, but it comes with a much higher price tag when significant landscaping and retaining walls are needed.

No matter which type of pool you choose pool safety is always a concern especially if you have children. Above ground pools are typically considered safer than inground pools. This is because without a surrounding pool deck falling into the pool or hitting your head on the cement is less of a possibility. However, the safest pool is one that surrounded by a 4-sided pool fence during the summer and a safety cover during winter both of which require a solid pool deck to anchor to.

Above ground pools are generally considered easier to maintain than inground pools, however this is only due to smaller size and water volume. It truly depends on the pool equipment and on the care given to the pool. Many above ground pools are sold with small pumps and filters in an effort to keep the cost down and some pool owners don’t run the pump long enough or give the water chemistry enough attention.

In ground pools are more often easier to keep clean given that the pump, filter and cleaning equipment is much larger and more effective then that of a above ground pool.

Another type of long-term maintenance cost is repairs. In ground pools will cost much more in this area than above ground pools will because above ground pools are simpler, with less things that can go wrong, and fewer products with lower price tags. In the long run an in ground pool can cost several times the amount that a above ground pool will cost.

Pool Permanence

Aboveground pools are sold in two types, Portable and Permanent. Portable pools are the Intex style pool, used for just a few seasons, perhaps 5 years at the most. “Permanent” aboveground pools last much longer, but their permanence is questionable. I have seen 25 year old aboveground pools, but others may befall some calamity.

Permanence has a reverse benefit for some people, that it can be removed in the future, if one so desired. In-ground pools, especially concrete pools have an easy 50 year lifespan, if not longer, and are difficult to remove.

Inground pools are usually refurbished every 25 years or so, with new tile and coping, plaster and equipment. Vinyl and Fiberglass inground pools also can last for decades, if not 50 years, with new vinyl every 10 years or fiber resurfacing every 20 years.

Some above ground pools can come with in-pool lighting, heaters, automatic cleaners and salt chlorine systems, but unless you build a custom concrete pool above the ground you are limited to only these basic features.

In ground pools however, can have attached spas, fire features, waterfalls and other features. You can also build an in ground pool in any shape you want not just round or oval or square and in any color palette you want, not just light blue.

Inground pools can be built with vanishing edges that seem to flow into the horizon, or be equipped with automatic safety covers. They can have tanning ledges, benches and swim-up bars. Anything you can dream up can become a reality with a in ground pool.

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