Smart door locks

A smart door lock is a lock for your front or back door that does not require a traditional key but a code instead. A smart door lock generally comes with a touch screen and you install access codes for people to be allowed to enter and exit your home. Do you want to know what time your kids came home? You can give them their own user codes so you know when the door was unlocked and which code was used. The same goes for house cleaners, contractors, or anyone else you wish to allow access to your home. Note that the exact number of codes you can assign does vary based upon which smart lock you purchase.


The smart door lock attaches to the inside of your door and can come with several customizable features. Most smart door locks are even compatible with home automation systems! A smart door lock that integrates with a home automation system has many interesting features. In fact there is even a way to set up a chain reaction between your smart lock and your home automation system. For example if your door is unlocked, your thermostat can be alerted to rise or when you unlock a door lights of your choice can turn on as well.


Simplifying your life is so much easier with a smart lock and a home automation system. Be aware though that specific features are only available with certain smart locks so when purchasing one make sure you look at all of the features offered and decide which lock would work best for your needs.



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