Fiber cement d log siding

Fiber cement siding is a cost effective material that can look just like wooden d log. It is low maintenance, termite proof and provides fire protection too. This siding offers several advantages over wood and will add value and elegance to your project.

When compared to other siding materials fiber cement siding offers superior resistance, stability, moisture resistance and it is pest resistant too. One of the most important attributes of the fiber cement siding is that it can withstand many variations in weather conditions such as snow, ice, heat and freezing temperatures without decaying. Fiber cement siding requires little to no maintenance when compared to vinyl siding which needs to be cleaned and washed and wood siding which needs to be painted and treated to maintain its beauty.

Fiber cement siding can also be combined with weather barriers and insulation to increase the energy efficiency in your home.  This product has also been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council for its durability and sustainability.

Fiber cement siding is not affected by localized heat, that normally melts or damages vinyl siding. Fiber cement siding holds paint very well and trim board is available in several sizes. It has the durability of cement and usually offers a class 1A fire rating.

Wood insects will not eat or damage it, it does not rot, and is resistant to deterioration from salt and ultraviolet rays. Most companies will warranty their product for about 50 years which is proof of its durability.

Fiber cement doesn’t have many drawbacks unless you are considering using vinyl siding as fiber cements installation and handling costs are higher when compared.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or you may have about installing fiber cement siding.

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